Our Approach


At JDX, we create opportunities for our customers, partnering with the best-in-class technology & service providers, to deliver the right products, services and capabilities, and the right outcomes.

We leverage our deep practitioner expertise and our unique workforce to drive insights and solution design, and to unlock opportunities within and across our customer base.

For our partners, our consulting experts apply a practical lens to products and services, helping shape a sustainable strategy and direction, adapted to the market, present and future. We also mobilise certified centres of excellence to meet scalable customer demand across our combined network.

At the heart of our business is our people, from our senior advisors and industry leaders to our talented graduates and future leaders. We are all committed to learning and growing, with our partners, our customers and each other.

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What To Expect


We shape our capabilities, services & solutions around our customers, working with our partners and broad customer base to deliver outcomes & share valuable knowledge and insights


Our business is managed by seasoned practitioners, with years of industry and consulting experience, many of whom are actively engaged in critical industry transformation engagements


We work closely with our partners to identify and create compelling use cases & value propositions across the Financial Services industry, directly to the customer, and across the market ecosystem


Our unique talent pool, trained through our JDX Academy, coupled with our full suite consulting capability & oversight, allows JDX to develop global, scalable, centres of excellence


We are a performance-based firm, which prides itself on delivering results against clear mutual objectives, targets & success criteria to drive value across JDX & partner organisations

Key Contacts

Mike Berry


Mike Berry

Mike is a business leader, sales mentor, a change agent & leader focused on shareholder value and building value across the customer base, aligning closely with key partners to maximise existing routes and develop and leverage new routes to market.



Guy Whitley

Head of Business Development

Guy Whitley

Guy is a business strategist, leading our go-to-market direction through targeted campaigns & robust partnership framework. He develops strategic growth opportunities across our partners, mobilising execution frameworks to drive impactful joint value propositions to market



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Making the difference

WEBINAR: Closing the Generational Skills Gap

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JDX Announces Strategic AI-based Document Digitization Partnership with Seal Software

Charles Post joins JDX to Lead U.S. Consulting Services and Advance Contract Analytics Projects for Customers in Banking and Financial Services.

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JDX / Xceptor team join Barclays DerivHack 2019

JDX participated jointly with Xceptor in this years Barclays ISDA CDM Hackathon. A team made up of Mark Pearce (JDX), Maros Struk (JDX), Rob Lowe (Xceptor) and Andy Grayland (Xceptor) hacked over two days in London tackling the Securities use cases.

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