Here at JDX we not only offer opportunities for our current JDXers, but we strive to create opportunities for the workforce of tomorrow. 

Working with and supporting young people is what JDX is all about, and we do this through internships, graduate schemes, sponsorships, academy courses, sports, events and much more. At JDX, we don’t hire solely based on academia, we hire based on our applicants’ ability to learn, their communication skills and their passion – this is a process that we have perfected over 7 years and is what sets us apart.

As part of our belief in young people, we recently completed our first wave of paid internships. This year marks the sixth year that we have ran our 4-week internship for students that have either just graduated or are currently studying. For the first two days of the program, our interns enrol onto a unique two-day bootcamp ran by our Learning and Development team. The bootcamp introduces our interns to a series of financial topics most prevalent in the sector as well as social workshops and training. Topics include; The Life Cycle of a Trade, KYC, AML and Risk Management, which give each intern the chance to show their ability to learn, how they interact with others, and their levels of creative thinking. Following this, each intern is assigned to a function related to their skillset and career aspirations- consulting services, business development, relationship management etc. Each intern was given the opportunity to shadow their team for a month, as well as complete a range of independent projects. Not only do our interns gain new skills, financial knowledge, and exposure to working with tier 1 investment banks, they get the opportunity to experience the life of a JDXer – it’s no wonder why so many interns apply to our graduate scheme! We can’t wait to welcome many of them back again very soon.

Our efforts to create opportunities for young people extend beyond work experience. JDX sponsors several sporting events across the country for one simple reason – sport is a key part of developing the JDX Skillset. This comes from demonstrating an ability to be committed, to compete, to communicate and to work as a team. Our ability to work well together alongside our ‘can do’ attitude is the reason why JDX has been so successful in becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, so it’s important that we ensure future JDXers are given the same opportunity to develop these skills. We sponsor major sporting events across the UK such as the National Schools Week Sailing Championships, British Schoolgirls Ski Championships and GBR 470 Nationals. These events give the opportunity to young people to participate in a team sport outside of their everyday lifestyle; hundreds of bright young people gather to compete within a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. It is immensely fulfilling to help the workforce of tomorrow develop crucial transferable life skills through sport.

With the 470 Nationals fast approaching as well as our next wave of summer interns, we’re excited to see what the rest of 2019 holds for future JDXers. Stay tuned!

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